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Our H.R. Policy

Our fundamental human resources strategy is to create a business environment to build up the motivation and the commitment of the employees, to invest in their professional growth, to preserve this environment by developing the necessary policies and technical knowledge, to attract the well-qualified professionals and to conserve our highly qualified employees.

Application and Recruitment Process

The recruitment process begins when we receive your CV. First, your educational background and work experiences are evaluated and matched with requirements of vacant positions.

If the information and qualifications provided in your CV are in line with the requirements of the vacant positions, you may be contacted and invited for an interview.

The CVs that are not matched at this time, are kept in our database for vacant positions available in the future. The candidates are going to be contacted when their qualifications match the requirements.

After being contacted, our Human Resources specialists conduct structured interviews with our candidates. The results of the interviews are informed to the candidates via e-mail.


You can view open positions or send your resume to your appropriate positions.

Thank you for your attention.

Job Date Position Name City Details Transaction
27.10.2021 Purchase and Stock Management Representative istanbul Apply
15.06.2021 Müşteri İlişkileri Sorumlusu İstanbul Ümraniye Apply
15.06.2021 E-Ticaret Kategori Sorumlusu İstanbul Ümraniye Apply
11.06.2021 Satış Mühendisi İstanbul Ümraniye Apply
02.06.2021 AR-GE Teknik Destek Mühendisi İstanbul Ümraniye Apply
02.06.2021 Proje Destek ve Satış Mühendisi İstanbul Ümraniye Apply
02.06.2021 Satış Destek Personeli İstanbul - Ümraniye Apply
02.03.2021 Genel Başvuru İstanbul - Ümraniye Apply
02.06.2021 Üretim Personeli İstanbul - Ümraniye Apply
15.10.2021 LED Sales Engineer İstanbul - Ümraniye Apply



Özdisan Elektronik A.Ş. was founded in 1980. Since its establishment it has demonstrated remarkable growth performance and became the leading electronic components distributor in Turkey.

Özdisan distributes a wide range of passive & active electronic components including power semiconductors, semiconductors, capacitors, rectifiers, LCD modules, DRAMs, flash memories & memories, voice IC, microcontroller, sensors & detectors, LED’s, TFT’s, relays, fans.

Besides, Özdisan expanded its business on PCB & PCB Assembly , and LED Lighting Solutions, Aluminium Coolers, TFT LCD Panel and Modules.

Özdisan has more than 60 distributorships, including exclusive agreements with the world’s major electronic components manufacturers such as Ixys, Fuji, Panjit, Panasonic, Kemet, Lem, Excelitas, Samsung, Cree, Seoul Semiconductor, Liteon, Kendeil, Winstar, ZTE, etc.

In 2014, Özdisan made a joint venture with Chinese SAT Group ( www.sat-sz.com ), producing TFT LCD Panel & TFT LCD Display Modules.

Headquartered in Istanbul, Özdisan has 4 sales offices and warehouses in major cities of Turkey with 9250 sqm warehouse and total closed area of around 16.750 sqm.

Özdisan employs 210 personnel, 10 of which are R&D personnel and engineers and 65 of which are sales & marketing.